Panel: The New Dynamics of Hotel Distribution

17 May 2018
11:00 - 11:50
Conference Center - Room A
Senior Director of Distribution and International Business, JinJiang WeHotel
Vice President, Jinling Hotels & Resorts Corporation
Regional Director Hotel Sourcing - Hotelbeds Group
CEO, Asia Pacific - WebBeds
VP, GM of China Business Department - DerbySoft
Founder & CEO - Yearth Group

Panel: The New Dynamics of Hotel Distribution

The consolidation of OTA giants has centralized the distribution channels for hotels, which are not only investing heavily in direct bookings but are also looking for new marketing channels. So, which marketing channels have the most potential for growth? How would WeChat Mini Programs, short videos, blockchain and other new technologies change the marketing channels for hoteliers?

Moderated by:
Joseph Xia, Founder & CEO, Yearth Group


Xiaoyun Liang
Ingrid Yin 殷总
Ms. Ingrid Yin
Mr. Andrew Hughes
Mr. Daryl Lee
David He
Joseph Xia