Question & Answers

1. What kind of event is the 2019 World Culture and Tourism Forum?

The “2019 World Culture and Tourism Forum” will explore topics on how to drive tech-savvy strategies to take the travel industry to a new level and identify opportunities for the industry, while promoting the East-meets-West culture and thinking in the mission of developing global tourism for a new era. Therefore the focus of the event will be on “Integrating Culture and Tourism to Build an Intelligent Future”.

The hot topics of today encompass new marketing ideas for international tourism, destinations and attractions, turning homestay business into smart development and operation, and the transformation and upgrading of cultural tourism.

We are keen to explore the opportunities and challenges for international tourism products as consumption is stepping up. How to innovate marketing of destinations and attractions leveraging the Internet and big data to woo the new generation of travelers? How to grade unique home-shares and make the sector smarter, as homestay associations are facilitating industry upgrades? How to enrich cultural tourism products with innovation and distinctiveness to level up such products as the cultural tourism industry consolidates?


2. Who is organizing the event?

The 2019 World Culture and Tourism Forum is a conference hosted by Xi’an Municipal People’s Government and the Ctrip Group, organized by Culture & Tourism Administration of Xi’an Municipality, Administrative Committee of Chanba Ecological District, Xi’an, the Governmental Resources Cooperation Department of Ctrip and TravelDaily. Meanwhile, UNWTO, WTTC, WTCF, ITB China and ITB Berlin are the partners of the event.


3. When is it taking place?

The 2019 World Culture and Tourism Forum will take place from Tuesday, 22 October until Friday, 25 October 2019.


4. Where is it taking place?

It is taking place at the Jin Jiang International Hotel in Xi’an, China.


5. What’s the overall agenda?

October 22 – Welcome Dinner and Ceremony

18:00-19:30  2019 World Culture and Tourism Forum Welcome Dinner

20:00-21:00  2019 World Culture and Tourism Forum Welcome Ceremony

October 23 – October 24

2-day for 2019 World Culture and Tourism Forum

October 25 – Renowned Historical and Cultural Attractions in Xi’an

09:00-18:00  A city trip to experience Xi’an’s Past and Present


6. How can I take part in the event?

All members of the ITB Buyers Circle have the opportunity to apply for the event by 12 August 2019. Therefore please visit the following link:
and fill out the form in order to apply for your participation and get the chance to become a fully hosted participant. As the number of fully hosted participants is limited, only approved people by ITB China are allowed to take part. Registrations are processed in the order in which they are received.


7. What is included in the hosting?

For a limited number of international buyers the flight in economy class to and from Xi’An China, airport transfer from and to the airport, 4 night hotel accommodation from 22 October till 26 October as well as the participation in the 2019 World Culture and Tourism Forum will be arranged and covered.


8. When will I be informed if I am fully hosted or not?

The selected buyers, who will be fully hosted, will be informed by ITB China by 22. August 2019. Then the contact details will be transferred to Ctrip for all travel arrangements.  


9. Who will book my flight and hotel?

Ctrip will be in charge of all travel arrangements and will be the contact for all questions regarding the travel plans and arrangements.


10. Whom can I contact if any more question about the forum?

Please feel free to contact us via in case you have further questions.