Safety and Hygiene Concept

Safety and Hygiene Concept

– ITB China Industry MeetUp Events 2020 –

ITB China is planning collaboratively with the hotel venues and all involved partners to deliver a safe and secure setting and experience for our attendees; remaining alert to the Covid-19 risks we face at any given point in time. This is a short-overview of health and safety measures taken at and around the ITB China Industry MeetUp Events 2020 allowing the flexibility to ramp up or down the response as local circumstances dictate.

Before the event

✓   Encouraging pre-registration with attendee’s ID-number and real name

✓   Before coming to the hotel attendees need to declare their personnel health and generate the green QR code widely recommended by Chinese authorities that can be applied through Alipay’s “Health Code”

✓   Attendees entering the hotel venue shall show their Green Code at the entrance. Any attendees unable to show a green code will under no circumstances be allowed to attend an event

✓   A body temperature check will be performed at the hotel entrance. attendees are allowed to enter the hotel only after confirming that the body temperature is below 37.3℃


During the event

✓   The organizer will provide complimentary face masks at the registration and all attendees are encouraged to wear them throughout the entire event

✓   The flows at the entrances and exits will be organized to avoid queues and clustering while enforcing a minimum safety distance

✓   The registration desks and sponsor booth area will be equipped with readily accessible hand sanitizer for the free use of attendees

✓   The frequency of disinfection of those potentially infectious surfaces (e.g. smooth table/counter surfaces, microphones, glass elements/protective measures) and/or areas where a heightened risk of infection may exist (e.g. door handles, toilets, registration desks and other areas) will be at an increased level

✓   Hotel staff in catering areas who are in direct contact with customers will be wearing face masks

✓   Food and drink counters will be equipped with protective devices, and food and drinks should only be served by service or buffet staff


After the eventTraceability of all participants

✓   All participants have registered in advance with ID-number and real name in order to receive their access authorization. This way, the organizer can identify contact persons quickly in the event of a coronavirus infection.

✓   After the event, attendees shall follow up their health status for 14 days after the event. If any attendee develops a fever, dry cough and/or is diagnosed with suspected, confirmed or an asymptomatic case of COVID-19, the Organizer must be promptly informed so that the Organizer can cooperate with the CDC to investigate relevant contacts as soon as possible