Booth No. E052

World++, B2B direct-connection platform for global FIT travel products, is jointly launched by Lulutrip and Black Cat Software. Lulutrip's high-quality supply network of FIT products and experienced service team plus proprietary technical support from Black Cat Software, provides a perfect combination of tourism and technology to make travel B2B much more easier!

World++是路路行和黑猫软件携手推出的全球自由行产品B2B 直连平台。 路路行优质自由行产品供应网及资深服务团队加上黑猫软件服务技术,旅游+科技的强强结合使旅游B2B易如反掌!

Product Groups

  • Adventure Tours
  • Winter Sports
  • Family Holidays
  • Beach Holidays
  • Customized Tour