World 2 Meet

World 2 Meet

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W2M is 100% owned by IBEROSTAR GROUP.

W2M is a global provider of travel services in more than 175 countries, providing hotel accommodation, transfers, excursions and tours, and handling services. Our main clients are tour operators, travel wholesalers, OTAs and travel agencies.
3 business lines deliver first class service to the travel industry:

• W2M DMC: Worldwide leisure specialist with key product & destination focus operating as a full service DMC. Our worldwide network offices are: Spain, Portugal, Cape Verde, Malta, Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, Dubai, USA, Cuba, Morocco, Thailand, Mexico, Republica Dominicana.
• W2M API: Worldwide bedbank and accomodation provider.
• W2M PRO: Spanish leading Tour operator covering +7.000 travel agencies across Spain and Portugal.

Some Facts: 30.000 directly contracted hotels, total inventory of +500.000 properties and more than 12.000 clients connected.



•W2M DMC:全球休闲专家,主要关注产品和目的地,作为全方位服务DMC运营。我们的全球网络办事处是:西班牙,葡萄牙,佛得角,马耳他,土耳其,埃及,保加利亚,迪拜,美国,古巴,摩洛哥,泰国,墨西哥,多米尼加共和国。
•W2M API:全球床位和住宿提供商。
•W2M PRO:西班牙领先的旅游运营商,覆盖西班牙和葡萄牙的+7.000旅行社。


Product Groups

  • Hotels/hotel chains
  • Incoming Agencies
  • Destination Management Companies