Solut Ltd

Solut Ltd

Booth No. D044

Solut is a young bus operating company. We are based in Budapest, Hungary, operating mostly in Western Europe. Our core service is managing 20 and and 50 seater buses, with a strong focus on 20 seaters.

We have 2 main divisions one for 20 seater coaches, focusing on business and VIP groups (7-15 passengers) and one for 50 seater big coaches business and tourist groups (17- 50 passengers).
Most of our clients are from Eastern Asia, Europe and the USA.

We've made a great effort to develop our services, we set several goals to achieve:
Our Mercedes Sprinter fleet's age is under 2 years on average
we have all Europe covering WiFi in the 20 seater coaches
USB charging options for every seat etc.

We also operate several big coaches from 35 to 55 seats, we manage a fleet of of MAN, Mercedes, Neoplan and Setra buses.

We cover France,Germany, Benelux states, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, sometimes Spain and Denmark too. If needed we can do Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia as well.






Product Groups

  • Coach Companies
  • Travel Management Companies
  • Luxury transportation/carriers