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Shenzhen Tongtian Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a new Internet enterprise which integrates the research and development of comprehensive ERP system, sales and establishment of Industry Data Center for tourism enterprises. It is also a high-tech enterprise of the state and Shenzhen.

At present, there are five major products of Xiaoqiang ERP series products [Internet Solutions for Travel Wholesalers] [Internet Solutions for Organizing Associations] [Inter-industry Distribution Solutions] [Mobile Version of Xiaoqiang ERP], and [Tourist Assistant]. They have three characteristics of information services: internal intelligent management, full network marketing and data connection, which can meet the needs of information office and distribution of travel agencies. Seek the integration of resources among industries. Xiaoqiang system in the same world can also realize data interconnection with OTA and tourism platforms, and can also help the tourism industry to carry out data docking.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Tongtian covers the whole country with 18,000 users. At present, we have a team of nearly 100 people, in which R&D management system and technology level have obtained international ISO certification, and have perfect after-sales online and offline services to help travel agency users quickly realize the information transformation.


目前旗下有小强ERP系列产品【旅游批发商互联网解决方案】【组团社互联网解决方案】【同业分销解决方案】【小强ERP 移动版】,及【旅游人助手】五大产品,具有“内部智能管理、全网络营销、数据连接”三大特色信息化服务,可解决旅行社信息化办公、分销需求及行业间的资源整合。同天下小强系统还可与各大OTA 及旅游平台实现数据互通互联,也可以帮助旅游同业进行数据对接。


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