JTB Corp.

JTB Corp.

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Over 100 years of trust, professionalism and expertise The JTB Group was founded in 1912 as the Japan Tourist Bureau with the objective of contributing to the Japanese economy by bringing foreign visitors to Japan.
During the subsequent 100 years, the JTB Group served as a leader of growth in Japan’s tourism industry and one of the main creators of Japan’s travel culture, while setting itself apart through its contribution to society, a defining common mission for all its businesses.
Today, JTB’s DNA is defined by the commitment to the customer, and the bond of trust developed as a result of each employee’s effort, travel expertise, and professionalism.

1912年,为了增加赴日游客,促进日本紧急发展,JTB集团作为日本观光局(Japan Tourist Bureau)正式成立。自此,我们基于对于旅游行业的熟悉性、专业性,以及客户的信赖,经过一个多世纪不断地得到发展。同时,我们一直以来都行走在日本的旅游观光行业的最前线,是日本观光文化中不可缺少的重要组成部分。

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