Albatros Expeditions

Albatros Expeditions

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Albatros Expeditions
Our expedition cruise ships have been carefully selected to provide the ultimate expedition experience in polar regions.
We have been sending travellers to the Arctic and Antarctic for three decades. With an established reputation and access to superior expedition vessels, we can do the same for your clients.
Albatros Arctic Circle
Three decades ago, we were the first travel operator to venture into the arctic wilderness of Greenland. We fell in love with the sprawling landscapes, the long and dark winters only brightened by the sparkling snow, the breathtaking northern lights, and the short, surprisingly green summers lit by the midnight sun. We cherish the seemingly endless icescapes and the warmth of the Greenlandic people.
Our passion for Greenland is all encompassing and reflected in everything we do here. When choosing Albatros Arctic Circle, you are guaranteed to receive an authentic Greenlandic experience.

Albatros Expeditions(奥博探险公司)隶属于Albatros Group(奥博集团),致力于为全球游客提供安全、优质的极地旅行服务,是同时入选“北极探险协会”(AECO)、“国际南极旅游组织协会”(IAATO)的正式会员的旅游探险公司。2012年6月8日集团在北京成立直属中国分公司,负责整个中国市场极地旅行服务的推广和销售工作。

Albatros Expeditions(奥博探险公司)中国分公司将致力于极地游轮在中国市场的推广工作,诚邀各方合作社,开创极地新格局,铸就探险新时代,为中国旅客带来更极致的极地体验而时刻努力。

Albatros Group(奥博集团)依托于北欧的资源优势,在格陵兰的康格鲁斯瓦克拥有Polar Lodge 和Old Camp两家酒店及Albatros Arctic Circle地接社、伊卢利萨特拥有Hotel Hvide Falk一家酒店和地接社(即将更名为Albatros旗下名称),将整个极地运营演变成多个资源板块有效对接的产业链。

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