Exhibitor Guide

All you need to become an exhibitor, manage your registration and prepare for a successful participation.


Use the ITB China Registration System to:

  • Register as an exhibitor, visitor, press or buyer
  • Register your co-exhibitors
  • Manage your appointment sets
  • Manage your badges


Use the ITB China Service Center to:

  • Manage your ITB China matchmaking system
  • Get an invitation to receive a Chinese visa
  • Book recomended hotels
  • Submit your booth design for approval
  • Manage additional orders
  • Apply for stand events at your booth
  • Link to the ITB China Service Center


    The ITB China matchmaking system is a tool designed to match the interests of exhibitors and buyers of ITB China before the event to have great meetings during the event. For every 9 sqm booth space each main exhibitor will receive one appointment set containing about 21 pre-scheduled appointments. The appointments are individually match made with the interests of 1050 buyers sent to ITB China by over 600 different tourism companies. Register as an ITB China exhibitor to have a customized prescheduled meeting agenda before you even arrive at the event.
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    Matchmaking Timeline

    Until end of March 1st week of April 4th week of April 1st week of May
    Download APP and complete company profile Wisthlist Period Open Diary Period Exhibition Period

    Additional Appointment sets

    If you want additional appointments during the event you are able to order one additional appointment set per 9 sqm in the ITB China Service Center.


    Types of Badges

    Exhibitor badge: Exhibitors are entitled to receive 2 exhibitor badges per 9 sqm of exhibition space at ITB China. Exhibitor Badges allow access to the venue from 08:30 am to 10:30 pm on construction days and from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm during exhibition days. Additional Exhibitor Badges for your staff can be ordered in the ITB China Registration System. All entitled and additionally purchased Exhibitor Badges need to be allocated to a specific booth attendee to function for the ITB China match-making System. This can be done in the ITB China Registration System until 1st April 2021 as the ITB China wish-list phase starts on the 2nd April 2021. Exhibitor badges ordered after that time or that are not allocated to a specific booth attendee are only valid to enter the venue.
    Contractor (vendors) badge: Contractors are able to access the venue during the construction and dismantling phase of ITB China from 08:30 am to 10:30 pm with a Contractor Badge.
    Service Staff Badge: Caterers, artists and embassy staff are able to access the venue free of charge with a Service Staff Badge if registered online until the 1st May 2021. They will receive a badge allowing access to the venue from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm during exhibition days. Service Staff Badges that are ordered online are subject to approval by your ITB China sales manager.
    Online Registration
    Register a Stand Activity in the ITB China Service Center until 1st May 2021. You will be able to enter the amount of Service Staff Badges that you need and are able to personalize them.
    Onsite Registration
    After approval by a ITB China sales manager, a Service Staff Badge valid for all 3 days can be purchased at the Exhibitor/Service Staff counter for US$ 20.


    An exhibitor manual will be prepared for you to assist you during your ITB China preparations. Find the participation rules and regulations, the exhibition timeline and information regarding construction, catering and furniture etc.
    2021 Exhibitor Manual coming soon…

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